Storage Size Guide

Size Indicators are Approximate
5′ x 10′
Some furniture, for example: a couch and chair, chest
of drawers or small dresser, spring mattress set plus small
items and boxes. Business – 85 Standard file boxes and small file cabinet.
Similar to: Walk-in Closet / Small Bathroom
5′ x 15′
Furnishings from a 1 bedroom apartment without appliances.
Some boxes and other small items.
Similar to: Large Walk-in Closet
10′ x 10′
Furnishings from a 1 bedroom with appliances, boxes
and other items. Business – 170 Standard File boxes, desk and chairs.
Similar to: Average Sized Bedroom
10′ x 15′
Furnishings from a 2 bedroom apartment without appliances.
Boxes and other small items. Business – 290 Standard files boxes, desks, chairs and file cabinet.
Similar to: Large Bedroom
10′ x 20′
Furnishings from a small house with appliances, boxes. Business – 370 Standard file boxes small office furniture and excess inventory.
Similar to: Small 1 Car Garage.
10′ x 25′
Furnishings from a 2 bedroom house with appliances
and boxes.
Similar to: Standard Garage
10′ x 30′
Furnishings from a 3 bedroom house with appliances. Business – 580 Standard files boxes and small office furniture.
Similar to: Long 1 Car Garage
12′ x 30′
Furnishings from a 4 bedroom house with appliances,
miscellaneous items and cartons. May also be used to store furniture and other items.
Similar to:
Large 1 Car Garage.